Its May again

It’s May again ….and your birthdays are fast approaching……Mom it’s your second birthday and Dads first in heaven.

Not a day goes by that I dont think about both of you. You were and still are very important people  in my life. ❤ and I love you and miss you.

I miss you both so very much.

Happy New Year’s

Is not!!…I miss you mom and dad so much….no matter how or with you you bring in the new year….you still feel the lose, the emptiness the sadness ..knowing that you and dad are both no longer here with us.

That we all start 2019 without parnets,a grandma or grandpa…that the word mom or dad with never be you…my beloved parents.

You are and will always be part of my life till the day I die I will miss and love you.

I kown you and dad are tell us….

and those are words I can hear you say because in life no matter where we were you were both there too….always with us!

In honour of my mom


I don’t think I did a good job on my thanksgiving dressing this year….it taste nothing like yours….

I even had a question as i was preparing  the dtessing that I just never thought about asking before. …why did you put eggs in your dressing? Now that you’re gone I wanna know..

I miss you today as I have everyday since you left.

I thank you for everything you did for us without complaint. and dad are missed but we keep loving and sharing and doing what you taught us.

I know you and dad are near. …………

All my love … always!♡

Life is getting hard

Thanksgiving is on my heels and I’m trying to shake it off. So many memories of you surround me….. so many memories that I’m grateful to have ….but …..oh how I miss you and dad.

I always prayed and gave thanks for you and dad and always asked for one more year not knowing that, that would be our last year together. I know you and dad will be here standing over us proud of what you left behind. You taught us love,togetherness and family…. thank you for so much. …I see now but not back then…I just wish I would have told you before…but ……

You left behind your recipe for your Thanksgiving dressing and I will try my hardest to keep all your tradition going.

Yesterday has marked a year since my mother in laws has passed. Soon it will mark a year for my mom and soon after that my dad… I am not looking forward to those milestones

I miss them both very much. Even though I did not get along too,too well with my mother in law I miss her too. And I know she watches over us too anyway I hope so…. I wish things would have been different with us and our families. I just wanna learn from our mistakes and learn to live happy.

Isn’t that what we all want?

To be happy in this one shot we call life …like the rain…this storm too shall pass…let’s enjoy it and learn from it.

Sometimes the lesson are hard but they need to be taught …and my lesson was don’t take anyone for granted eventually God needs them back.


The sunflowers are my mom and the glass case is my dad….always and forever near and in my heart.